I’m realize that I’m not perfect in uniform -__-

This is me, please don’t afraid kekekeGood night from Thailand ;D 

Goooooooooooooood morning :D

clear face :)

new avt. :)

Hello people ;Dlong time no see, i’m back! 

Are you miss my face? , here’s some random

Random face.

Hi, new follower :D


A partially submerged Buddha overgrown by a Bodhi tree in the ruins of Wat Mahathat temple - Ayutthaya, Thailand | image by Adrees Latif

 pray for my conutry by reblog this please :(

Soth part of Thailand :)

random me&my friends in unifrom :D

Just changed icon :3

ใครมาจากประเทศไทยบ้างคะ? :)

Who is from Thailand?
tell me and i’ll follow you naja :D

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